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COGNISAT offers a variety of assessments and training solutions that provide varying levels of detail. Each COGNISAT product combines world-class assessments that give unparalleled insights into an individual’s cognitive and athletic ability.

COGNISAT Mindset combines two best-of-breed assessments that give a player a complete profile of their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and player mindset. COGNISAT Mindset includes: 

  • Cognitive Skills Analysis 
  • Mindset Analysis
  • Comprehensive Report 
  • Coaches Dashboard

COGNISAT Sport combines three best-of-breed assessments that give a player a complete profile of 5 specific soccer skills, their cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and their player mindset. COGNISAT Sport includes: 

  • Cognitive Skills Analysis 
  • Mindset Analysis
  • One 30 minutes session using the Rezzil Soccer Skills Analysis 
  • Comprehensive Report detailing your results 
  • and your data in a Coaches Dashboard

COGNISAT’s premier Mindset training program is a year-long customized coaching plan designed to help individuals improve their cognitive ability and mindset. COGNISAT Mindset Training Includes: 

  • 12 months of personalized, at-home training for brain and mindset
  • monthly check-ins with a performance coach
  • access to the online portal for ongoing holistic development

COGNISAT Full Lab gives players and coaches the most holistic report of an athlete’s ability around. In addition to COGNISAT’s other offerings, COGNISAT Full Lab also analyzes ten aspects of an individual’s vision. COGNISAT Full Lab includes: 

  • Cognitive Skills Analysis and Training 
  • Mindset Analysis
  • VR Skills Analysis and Training
  • Sensory Analysis and Training


Unlike COGNISAT’s other products, COGNISAT Full Lab requires the purchase of special equipment. To learn more about equipment requirements, follow the link below or contact a sales representative. 

To register for any of COGNISAT’s assessments or training programs, contact a sales representative.

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