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COGNISAT consists of four best-of-breed assessments backed by research and years of industry use. The following are testimonials from individuals who use one or more of the assessments.

“I am always looking for an edge on the competition and for ways to get better. COGNISAT has been the key for me. COGNISAT has not only helped me understand my game better, but it has also helped me better understand myself as a person and teammate.”
-Auston Trusty, American Professional Soccer Player

“I can tell you from my experience, it’s very accurate.”
-Bill Belichick, Head Coach, New England Patriots

“I just read my daughter’s [mindset] report and found it spot on. The traits mentioned in each category are on point and described her to a T. Thanks for this test. It has opened our eyes to strengths and weaknesses.”
-Phil Ruhl, Softball Parent, Chino Hills, CA

“I thought the [mindset report] was cool. The test was pretty in-depth, and it compares you to elite athletes. But I do pride myself on mental toughness, which has been an edge for me over a lot of guys because I never thought I was the most gifted guy physically, but I thought I had a mental edge over a lot of people. It was cool to see that come up on the test with my performance trait scores.”
-Brendan Fowler MLL All-Star and 2x NCAA men’s lacrosse national champion

“The teams I have worked for have used the [mindset analysis] profiles for over 25 years, and we believe it is an integral part of the player selection and player development process.”
-Tom Telesco, General Manager, Los Angeles Chargers

“I am a chaplain with a Pirates minor league affiliate. THANK YOU so much for all you all are doing !!! What you have done is an absolute miracle, and I believe can help and change the lives of so many young athletes (and their families), and I just want to be part of this and get our young men and ladies involved in this. Thanks for making a HUGE difference.”
-Matt Cross, Chaplain & Owner of NogginBall, Bristol, TN

“Having the right mindset is critical to success in the game of basketball and with our program. We use the [mindset analysis] to help us coach each athlete smarter and develop them into champions on and off the court.”
-Jamion Christian, Head Coach Men’s Basketball, George Washington University

“I’ve been involved in football for many years, but I honestly believe [VR skill trianing] is one of the most promising technologies to enter the sport. In sport, we’re always looking for an edge over the competition, and [VR skill trianing] provides just that. There are so many applications, from training and rehabilitation. It was an easy decision for me to get involved.”
-Thierry Henry, Former French Professional Soccer Player and Current Coach

“What I love most is that the [mindset analysis] not only gives our athletes insight about themselves and their teammates, it also helps them grow in their mental game through the mindset training. It provides invaluable 24/7 access to self-improvement.”
-NCAA Division 1 Women’s Soccer Coach

“Eventually a player’s mental makeup shows up. You can see it before it happens in their [mindset] report. I think that is very valuable.”
-NCAA Power-5 Conference Head Baseball Coach

“[The VR Skill Assessment] approach to the future of cognitive development is cutting edge.”
-Vincent Kompany, Belgian Professional Soccer Manager and Former Player

Innovative Analytics. Improved Performance.

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