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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

-Benjamin Franklin

The Stages of Performance

Before a single move is made a process takes place

1. Sense

The mind’s ability to gather data from the environment through the senses, including visual, auditory, and touch.

2. Process

The mind’s ability to deduce the occurrence of specific and significant events from the data gathered from the environment.

3. Decide

The mind’s ability to assess the situation and decide upon a course of action from the processed information.

4. React

The body’s ability to receive information from the mind to force or influence changes in the environment.

Building a winning team starts with understanding yourself and others. COGNISAT helps individuals identify their strengths and the areas they need to improve in each of these stages to maximize their performance.

Our Process

We use scientifically validated and data-driven methodologies to guarantee results. 

1. Assess

The first step of our process is to assess an individual’s cognitive ability, mindset, vision, and athletic skill.

2. Analyze

Next, we analyze the results of individuals assessments and create a comprehensive report.

3. Improve

Based on an individual’s comprehensive report, we then create a custom improvement plan.

4. Perform

Now it is the athlete’s turn to put into practice their improvement plan and perform at their best.

5. Results

As an individual goes out and performs and is reassessed, the results are recorded and analyzed.

6. Feedback

Based on an individual’s results, we provide feedback and adjust the player’s improvement plan.

What We Measure

knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Cognitive Analysis

  • Reasoning¬†
    • Processing speed¬†
    • Planning¬†
    • Shifting¬†
  • Memory¬†
    • Auditory Short Term Memory¬†
    • Naming¬†
    • Working Memory¬†
    • Contextual Memory¬†
    • Short Term Memory¬†
    • Non-Verbal Memory¬†
    • Visual Short Term Memory¬†
  • Attention¬†
    • Inhibition¬†
    • Focused Attention¬†
    • Updating¬†
    • Divided Attention¬†
  • Coordination¬†
    • Hand-Eye Coordination¬†
    • Response Time¬†
    • Spatial Perception¬†
    • Recognition¬†
    • Visual Perception¬†
    • Auditory Perception¬†
    • Visual Scanning¬†
    • Estimation¬†

Mindset Analysis

  • Mental Toughness¬†
  • Coachability¬†
  • Mental Execution¬†
  • Grit¬†
  • Growth Mindset¬†
  • Focus Speed¬†
  • Composure¬†
  • Attention to Detail¬†
  • Decisivness¬†
  • Confidence¬†
  • Conventionality¬†
  • Adaptability¬†

Visual Analysis

  • Visual Clarity¬†
  • Contrast Sensitivity¬†
  • Depth Perception¬†
  • Near Far Quickness
  • Target Capture¬†
  • Perception Span¬†
  • Multiple Object Tracking¬†
  • Reaction Time¬†
  • Go No-GO¬†
  • Eye-Hand Coordination¬†

VR Sport Specific SKill Analysis

  • Composure¬†
  • Reaction¬†
  • Accuracy¬†
  • Adaptability¬†
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Innovative Analytics. Improved Performance.

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