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COGNISAT is a product of Harena Data. Harena Data is a leading esports community aggregator. Harena Data provides communities with all the resources they need to develop a thriving esports community, including a world-class esports platform, online merchandise store, destination building, media distribution and production, and cognitive analytics tools.

COGNISAT originated as a premium cognitive assessment for esports athletes. From our origins, COGNISAT has grown and now includes products designed to help anyone develop and achieve their goals. However, COGNISAT has stayed committed to providing esports athletes with best-in-class cognitive analytics tools and solutions.

COGNISAT is developing esports products using feedback from the gaming community, including esports athletes and coaches. Whether your goal is to get a college scholarship, play professionally, grow personally, or just have fun, COGNISAT can help you achieve your esports goals.

To learn more about Harena Data’s other data-driven gaming solutions, visit GYO Score.

To find the perfect cognitive analytic to meet your needs, contact a sales representative.

Innovative Analytics. Improved Performance.

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