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“I am always looking for an edge on the competition and for ways to get better. COGNISAT has been the key for me. COGNISAT has not only helped me understand my game better, but it has also helped me better understand myself as a person and teammate.”

-Auston Trusty
American Professional Soccer Player


COGNISAT merges virtual world and real-world athletic analysis using proven platforms and assessments used by elite athletes and military units worldwide. COGNISAT takes a holistic approach by combining four assessments that provide athletes, coaches, and trainers with unparalleled data insights and training solutions to maximize one’s personal and athletic growth.

COGNISAT Helps Athletes Reach Higher Heights

COGNISAT is a platform that seeks to support athletes and organizations at all levels. We use the power of advanced analytics to help athletes be at their best.


COGNISAT reporting provides detailed insights into your strengths and offers methods to improve your game. COGNISAT profiles give you data that accurately highlights your skills and the insights you need to be your best.


Help your child unlock their full potential. COGNISAT’s comprehensive report includes tips for working with your child’s unique personality and learning style and suggests activities to help them grow.


Help your team perform at their best. COGNISAT’s detailed player profiles help coaches recognize and recruit the players that fit best into their system. Use player data to make individual and team coaching plans.

Take your performance to the next level

Build a winning team with COGNISAT


Identify & Select

Differentiate between athletes using our detailed player profiles. Assess athletes during the recruitment process or immediately after they join the team. Profiles include a breakdown of an athlete’s cognitive ability and mindset that allows you to know how a player will fit into your system. With COGNISAT, you can build the perfect team.

Optimize Performance

Unlock an athlete’s full potential. COGNISAT reporting provides insights into athletes’ strengths and the traits they need to work on to take their game to the next level. Combine athletes’ data to create complete team analyses. Use player data to build virtual and non-virtual targeted training programs.

Manage Risk

Are injuries stopping your team from progressing? COGNISAT’s training programs can help maintain high levels of mental fitness and virtually recreate game conditions so that your athletes can stay competitive all while recovering from an injury.

COGNISAT'S Evaluation & Training Tools have a proven track record of success

Real results gathered in one year of COGNISAT’S Mindset Training Program

Real results gathered in two years of COGNISAT’S Sensory Training Program

Innovative Analytics. Improved Performance.

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